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Official COVID-19 Information: CDC Website

You Are Not Alone: Additional Resources

California COVID-19 Response: Current Updates

San Luis Obispo County: County Website

COVID-19 FAQ Hotline: 2-1-1

Virtual Doctor: Click Here For Virtual Doctor

Critical Delivery Services: More Information 888-863-7411

CA Hotline for Delivery and Help Services to Older Californians: 1-833-544-2374

Online Questionnaire for COVID-19 Testing Eligibility: COVID-19 Questionnaire

PG & E: Medical Baseline Program

PG & E PSPS: Public Safety Power Shutoff

Unemployment Insurance Claim: File A Claim

Unemployment Eligibility Requirements: Click Here For Requirements

Paycheck Protection Program: Borrower Application Form

Virtual Recreation for the Family: Virtual Recreation

Cambria Community Health Center: Community Health Center
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(805) 927-5292